An Overview Of Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning

May 14

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning or HVAC nowadays is more than necessity, comfort provider or a potential repair bill for most of the people. Many of the people are unaware of the full form of this acronym. We believe that this should be every homeowner’s responsibility to know the necessary facts without the help of any Handyman Hank.

 As it is said, to know the basics you need to start from the very beginning, so let’s touch the history of HVAC   to learn the basics of this field. During the industrial revolution, many new discoveries were made in the area of manufacturing and electronics. It was the time when people got tired of hard work at as well as at their homes. This heating and air-conditioning allow higher air quality indoor with the right temperature. This change was possible through revelations in mechanical engineering, which are still in progress for more improvements.


 Heating, the first part of the acronym, is used by Central heating system that provides a medium for transferring to move the air at specific temperature through its duct work across its structure. This heating system consists of a furnace or a boiler to heat the air or water. To provide proper circulation, the heating component of the central heating system such as the radiator or heat pumps is situated in the coldest area of the home. Amazingly, the credit of central air system invention goes to ancient Romans for inventing duct work in public baths and homes.

 An essential add-on to HVAC is Ventilation (here mentioned as ventilating in HVAC). The process of ventilating consist of a system that filter, exchange and replace the existing indoor air to reduce the humidity along with odours. Electronics like ceiling fan is created to lower the temperature of the room and bring in the colder air from the environment through the opened window. The central air system also uses ventilation process to provide high-quality air through filtering and eliminates indoor allergens, mold spores and dust from the area and captures it. PRO TIP: We highly recommend you contact HVAC NYC for any help in New York city.

Air condition system is work on the principles of artificial refrigeration and conduction, to produce cold air by removing heat from the air. The duct work in central conditioning system is used to disperse the cold air all around the house. Some of the systems lower the temperature of the place by the dehumidifier, as humid air is hotter than the dry air.

 Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning is not a difficult topic, but, a little research can make you more informed. This knowledge can help you communicate to the technician, effectively to get the desired work done. To know more about the system maintenance, call your manufacturer or the technician.

Many people believe that HAVC keeps the home comfortable and fresh, as it is a centralized arrangement. It feels nice to have such system at your home to make it comfortable. However, many people do not have to heat, ventilating and air-conditioning system at their places and they tend to complain about the uneasy settling in their house. Hence, HVAC system makes you relaxed with the cool temperature at your house and makes it “home.”

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